Chinese Opera Singers

The following photo’s were taken at two different water towns near our home of Luxu. After doing a little research on Opera Singers, I found this article written by  to be the best and most informative on the subject. You can read the article, here.

An excerpt from her great article,”Chinese opera makeup is particularly fascinating and rich in meaning. A character with mostly red makeup or a red mask is brave and loyal. Black symbolizes boldness and impartiality. Yellow denotes ambition, while pink stands for sophistication and cool-headedness. Characters with primarily blue faces are fierce and far-seeing, while green faces show wild and impulsive behaviors. Those with white faces are treacherous and cunning – the villains of the show. Finally, an actor with only a small section of makeup in the center of the face, connecting the eyes and nose, is a clown. This is called xiaohualian, or the “little painted face.”


3 thoughts on “Chinese Opera Singers

    • Yes, more elegant times, well said. As I read the article I linked to the post, I also thought of the rich culture and history associated with these performances. I’ve jotted these topic down in my book of Lesson plan ideas for next school year in hopes that I can somehow incorporate into my Social Studies lessons. Have a wonderful day/evening! (it’s morning here)

      • Good morning 🙂 That’s a great idea, for a project about history, who knows! you may even discover something more along the way 🙂

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