First Stop In The USA

Our first full day in the USA and our first stop was a toiletry stop at Kroger’s. What’s the big deal you might ask? Well, it seems that at 7:13 in the morning there are no cashiers available. We were told we must use the Self Scan machine, followed by the question,”Do you need help using it?”

What’s happening to our world? Why is cash not acceptable for renting a car? Why can’t I have a cheerful friendly cashier ring up my order?

I’m driving 5 miles over the speed limit yet people are passing me and looking at me as if I’ve done something wrong.

Ha! I’m ranting and don’t mean to be. We are a family of 4 who has had very little sleep in the last 24 hours.

We’ve been in China for a full year with no breaks in between. We are all looking forward to these will be blissful 30 days.

Our month long vacation/journey begins now!!


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