Safeguarding the Soap

Hi everyone, my friend over at The Ravenously Disappearing Woman shared a great post that I’d like to share with you. Here’s a tempting excerpt from her blog: Condoms: I know store owners and condom companies have to make money, but couldn’t we just do society a favor and let this one slide? Unless these stolen condoms are being used as party balloons, they might actually prevent the birth of future Tide thieves, and I’m alright with that.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Ravenously Disappearing Woman 2.0

Why the hell do they lock up Tide? Sorry, thieves, you’ll have to pick that lock to smell like a rich person!

When I was a kid. my mom washed all of our clothing in Tide detergent.  I can still conjure up the fresh smell of sheets and tee-shirts, straight from the dryer or clothesline.   A few years ago, in my suburban area, I noticed the trend of locking up Tide Detergent bottles in secure cases that require finding a store manager with a key to release them.  I thought that was odd until my best friend, a social worker by profession, told me that Tide’s code name on the streets is “Liquid Gold” and that people steal and resell it, or trade it for drugs.

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I noticed another product encased in little plastic locked boxes; Dove Body Wash.  I normally purchase the Target version of this soap, but, I had a really good coupon that made the real stuff a few pennies cheaper than its generic…

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It’s a Hot Chinese Feast

Warning, It’s a hot dish said no one ever! Beware, when you’re invited out to dinner and the dishes have been pre-ordered. There’s no time to say 不辣 Bù là – which means no spice. The red pieces you see in the dishes are not small chopped up tomatoes or red bell peppers. Oh no, they are red hot chili peppers, some of the hottest I’ve ever had the misfortune of tasting. Beauty  of presentation is not beauty and tasty to the mouth.

Once you do the silly and childish thing of picking through your food and separating all the unknown items, the meal tends to be quite tasty and at times even delicious!

I like some spice in my food and I tend to add jalapeno to my pico de gallo (cold chunky salsa). Do you like spicy food? What is one of the spiciest  food you’ve ever tasted?

Ocarina Music Man – Tongli, China

We were walking along Tongli street’s when we heard some fascinating music coming from a store nearby. After wedging myself through the crowd, I saw a young man playing what I thought was a strange looking instrument. I had seen these little things here and there at vendors throughout China; but, I had never really paid attention to them. I actually thought they were just another tourist toy. Wrong!

The name of this odd shaped instrument is called Ocarina. It has similar features to the Xun as stated in this Wikipedia article, read more about the Ocarina here.

I think the Ocarina is pretty interesting, what do you think?

Ocarina 2



Random: Pinterest Fun Share

Recognize her? This is Mari our youngest daughter showing off her natural cinnamon and olive oil facial moisturizer. Monica, her sister, loves Pinterest and is forever trying out natural ingredient recipe’s. Unfortunately, Mari is always the guinea pig for new concoctions. Mari's Facial

I’ve been forced and promised never to share the picture of the eye brow wax experiment gone wrong. Poor Mari lost part of her eyebrow on that experiment. We can laugh about that one now. Monica says, “Mari, at least we know it works”. Ha ha ha

These sisters need to go back to school as we are not only running out of ingredients for them to use but some of the items on the list to try are homemade hair dye (I cringe at the very thought), nail polish remover (this one is not a bad idea), home made clothes dye, and a few other not so good ideas. Sisterly love at its best!

Have you or your children tried homemade product ideas from Pinterest? Any successes or failures you’d like to share?


The Fat Cow is in Shanghai

There’s a cool restaurant in Shanghai called the Fat Cow. They serve delicious burgers and sweet potato fries that are out of this world! It’s a really cool atmosphere with a western type of vibe. I don’t mean western as in cowboys and Indian’s. I mean western vibe as in North America type of atmosphere and food. Okay, the food is delicious!

Now, as you may or may not know, I’m a little on the big and beautiful side. Sitting in the restaurant facing the Fat Cow sign and putting my margarita on the Fat Cow coaster is way too loud. The whole place is screaming for me to eat a freaking salad. I seriously feel self-conscious  ordering a fat juicy guacamole burger with sweet potato fries when every time I blink I see, “Fat Cow”.

I hope you see the humor in my post as I’m chuckling writing it. I mean no disrespect. Enjoy!

Fat Cow 1 Fat Cow 2

Puzzle’s and Sister’s

Our daughters range in age starting at 23, 16, & 14. Age does not seem to be a factor when it comes to the very close bond they have. Each one has a distinctive & unique personality. You’d think that because they are so different they wouldn’t get along; however, I believe that it’s that difference that make them fit so well together.

It’s like pieces of a puzzle, each piece is unique and yet they all seem to fit together nicely.

On the outer perimeter of our blended family puzzle are the arms of my wonderful husband. Always looking out for us, protecting us, loving us, always wanting to provide comfort and balance. The inside of our puzzle are the kids (boys & girls) with mom in the middle balancing out the family. We teeter this way and that way but we always seem to balance. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

Back to the girls. As close as they are they bicker, oh my goodness do they ever bicker. The two older ones gang up on the younger one, the middle one claims she has middle child syndrome, the oldest one thinks she can get away with anything because she’s the oldest, and the youngest one thinks she can get away with anything because she’s the youngest. Ha!

Please enjoy the following snap shots of the girls. These are some of my favorite!

I don't know if they realize this or not; but, every time we are at a restaurant they sit together. If they are separated it's because I've had to separate them.

I don’t know if they realize this or not; but, every time we are at a restaurant they sit together. If they are separated it’s because I’ve had to separate them.

Of course there is more furniture in the little rental; however, they felt they must all pile on one couch. They always do this.

Of course there is more furniture in the little rental; however, they felt they must all pile on one couch. They always do this.

A chance encounter at Lowe's a home building store.

A chance encounter at Lowe’s a home building store.