We’re Back In China

We had an amazing time in the good ol’ USA! Thirty one days was not nearly enough time to take off our shoes and relax. We worked hard while in the states with helping our daughter with her shop and working at the farm house getting it ready to sell. Life was busy and interesting. Don’t let me kid you though, we loved every minute of it.

Our only regret about our fantastic 31 days in the USA was the lack of time to spend with family and friends. We didn’t have time, ugh! Our time was literally full of working time in both Michigan and Indiana.

Our fantastic summer continues with our trip back to China where we reunited after only a short week (although it felt like a year) away from my wonderful husband Mike.

The advantage of returning to Luxu, China: The great Chinese food. The disadvantage of returning to China: The incredible HOT heat.

I’m out of space on wordpress to insert photo’s. As soon as I figure it out I’ll add photo’s. Much love to all.




2 thoughts on “We’re Back In China

    • Hi Tobi, looking forward to meeting you. I’m afraid I’m not kidding about the heat. It’s HOT! I’m dreading the trip to TESCO for some much needed supplies. Should I mention I’m a big weenie when it comes to heat and starting hot flashes? Ha! Basically if it’s not between 68-72 degrees it’s too hot and too cold…. Safe travels!

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