Grass Flip-flops

For those of us living in China that would never dare walk on the grass barefooted, I found the perfect solution. How about a pair of these grass looking flip-flops? Are these a riot or what? I love it when we find the oddest souvenirs to take back home. Would you wear a pair? Enjoy!

Grass Flip-flops 

3 thoughts on “Grass Flip-flops

    • Hi there and thank you! Those flip-flops are going to be in my white elephant game during Christmas, what a hoot! I’ve been doing really well. Our trip to the USA was fantastic and very busy. We worked on preparing our farm house to be listed for sale (sniff sniff) and then helped my daughter in Indiana with her shop. Drywall is not fun and pretty boring stuff. I wish we had gotten to the painting (where all the fun is at) but I would have had to help with mudding the walls to get to the painting.. hmm passed on that of course. ha ha. The girls have a couple of weeks yet before returning to school and I start up on the 25th. I’m ready for a routine. What about you? How are you doing and how is your amazing weight loss journey going? I’ve not had a chance to visit my favorite blogs recently so I’m not up to date on all your progress. Better yet, don’t tell me, I’m going to go read your awesome posts over the weekend. Hope all is well with you! By the way I love to craft myself and my favorite is sewing… I’ll have to share soon. For now, I’m off, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the beautiful and fresh air I’m sure you have! 😉

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