Ocarina Music Man – Tongli, China

We were walking along Tongli street’s when we heard some fascinating music coming from a store nearby. After wedging myself through the crowd, I saw a young man playing what I thought was a strange looking instrument. I had seen these little things here and there at vendors throughout China; but, I had never really paid attention to them. I actually thought they were just another tourist toy. Wrong!

The name of this odd shaped instrument is called Ocarina. It has similar features to the Xun as stated in this Wikipedia article, read more about the Ocarina here.

I think the Ocarina is pretty interesting, what do you think?

Ocarina 2



5 thoughts on “Ocarina Music Man – Tongli, China

  1. Hi Maria! Very cool! My oldest daughter actually plays the ocarina, too. She’s played the flute and piccolo since she was little, and all through her schooling with band. A couple of years ago, her husband got her a really nice ocarina for Christmas and she took right to it. If you’ve ever seen the Zelda Nintendo games, the music throughout them is the ocarina. My daughter loves those games and can play all of the songs from them.
    You see such interesting things in your daily life–thanks for sharing them! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day (or night)! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing about your talented daughter. I don’t think I’ve ever payed attention to the music on the Zelda games; but, I’ll point it out to my son as I plan to purchase an ocarina for him. The melody the young man was playing was accompanied with background music.The tune he was playing sounded whimsical and feminine (if that makes any sense). I thought it was rather nice and different.

      Thank you for leaving a comment! By the way I added my twitter feed to the right sideline. What do you think, is it too distracting from the blog content?

    • I agree! In fact our primary music teacher teaches children the art of the Gu-zheng. If I can find a short clip, I’ll make sure to share one of my student’s playing at a school performance. Beautiful! Have a great day!

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