It’s a Hot Chinese Feast

Warning, It’s a hot dish said no one ever! Beware, when you’re invited out to dinner and the dishes have been pre-ordered. There’s no time to say 不辣 Bù là – which means no spice. The red pieces you see in the dishes are not small chopped up tomatoes or red bell peppers. Oh no, they are red hot chili peppers, some of the hottest I’ve ever had the misfortune of tasting. Beauty  of presentation is not beauty and tasty to the mouth.

Once you do the silly and childish thing of picking through your food and separating all the unknown items, the meal tends to be quite tasty and at times even delicious!

I like some spice in my food and I tend to add jalapeno to my pico de gallo (cold chunky salsa). Do you like spicy food? What is one of the spiciest  food you’ve ever tasted?

10 thoughts on “It’s a Hot Chinese Feast

    • Oh my gosh, no way! ha ha… I remember the first time I bit into a piece of beef that had been cooked with the little red hot chili’s. After one bite I felt like I was choking, as if my whole throat was on fire and I couldn’t breath. In part I think I was just not prepared for the spice. Now, I’ll eat some but carefully and in small quantities. On the other hand, dishes like Kung Pao chicken just don’t taste right without the chili’s. Cheers!

    • I love Mexican and Thai food as well! I can cook Mexican and often do here at home. Although, my food is not that spicy. I think jalapeno peppers are a different type of hot/spicy. Being here in China I have something to compare the chili’s to and I can tell you now that jalapenos are no where near as hot as these little red devils. The first time I ate Thai food was in Shanghai and I fell in love! My favorite meal is the Gai Med Ma Moung – Chicken with cashews, vegetables, and flavorful garlic. I think I just got hungry. Cheers!

      • The last time I had Thai food (last weekend) I had Chicken with cashews and it’s my favorite, too! I only eat a few of the cashews and don’t eat rice with it to cut back on the calories, but it’s a great high protein dish. My husband eats the cashews that I leave behind–you can’t let a delicious cashew go to waste!

        Mexican food is my absolute favorite food in the world. I LOVE Chilaquiles with pulled chicken. Unfortunately, with the tortilla chips, cheese, and sour cream in and on them, plus the refried beans and guacamole that I love on the side, they’re way to fattening for me to eat very often. I try to cook Mexican, but can never make it taste as authentic as the local restaurant that we go to. This is probably a good thing, or I’d want to eat it all of the time! I can make pretty authentic tasting Mexican rice, but I can’t eat copious amounts of carbs with my eating changes , so I don’t make it too often. I know I’m not good at controlling myself. Now, I’m really hungry! 🙂

    • Eating something that has either sweat or tears running down my face doesn’t sound very fun… ha ha… I do love hot pot and have also had some great experiences eating it. We once ordered different ingredients to go in it and one of them was not recognizable. We later found out it was tripe. Ewwww…. 🙂

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