MI funeral home opens drive-through window

This funeral home is located a few miles south of our little town in Pigeon, Michigan. I’ve never heard of this concept; however, I do wonder if it will be successful.

A drive-through window… hmmm… interesting don’t you think?

MI funeral home opens drive-through window.

Photo credit: Paradise Funeral Chapel



Building Blocks

A few week’s ago we were walking home after having a very filling and wonderful dinner. The evening was dense with heat and no air movement to speak of. The town was filled with people strolling about enjoying the evening and trying to find some measure of comfort. The only smell in the air was the lingering smell of fireworks. The sounds were the same, crackling fireworks and horns blaring from cars, trucks, scooters, and even bicycles.

As we were walking home we noticed a little boy and his mother. The mother was busy enjoying the little boy’s giggles and didn’t notice we had slowed down to watch the scene before us. The young boy was busy playing with left over cement block as mom watched on. The little boy would pile the blocks, move them around, stand back and look at mom for approval. Mom would then praise the little boy and clap.

I found such pleasure in the scene before us. I thought to myself, now there’s a mother truly spending time with her son. You could clearly see she was enjoying the boys creativity and being encouraging to him as well.

We knew she had noticed us when we heard the word, “Laowai”, which means foreigner. We all said hello and pointed to what the boy had done with the blocks, gave a little clap, and touched his head. Of course he shied away from us (it was Mike’s towering size and bald head, I’m sure of it… :)) and went to his mother. As we were walking away the little boy resumed playing with the blocks and I asked mom if I could take a picture. A quick nod from mom and I was able to get 2 quick shots (although not very good ones) before he went to mom again.  Enjoy!

IMG_3764 IMG_3765




Mooncake’s for Mid Autumn Festival – China

I’ve read so many different articles on what exactly is the Mid-Autumn Festival. As best as I can figure, the Mid Autumn Festival is a time of gathering, eating moon cakes, and giving thanks for the harvest. A variation of round mooncake’s are made, shared, and eaten during the festival. The roundness of mooncake’s is key in the celebration as it signifies unity in a family. I also read that many people will take strolls and gaze at the moon; however, here in Luxu I didn’t see any such activity.

Due to the festivities, the primary children of Sino Canada School enjoyed an afternoon filled with laughter, song, and  moon cake making. The patient Chef and his assistant’s helped each child roll and mold a moon cake. They had so much fun and really enjoyed the hands on activity.

In case you are wondering, the filling for each mooncake was different. The variety included a sweet red bean, peach, pear, and pineapple. Hmm…

I also enjoyed the invitation and the opportunity to take part in the mooncake making process.


Friday’s Random Photos – China

I’ve decided to do a Friday’s Random Photos category where I can share a few snapshots that don’t fit into a blog post for that week. I’ve discovered I have a ton of snapshots in my archives that would be fun to share outside of a wordy post. Hope you enjoy!

Lotus Seed Head – Shanghai, China

Did you know the seeds from the lotus seed head were edible? I love learning new things and this certainly was new! While researching for this post I found a great article written by Joel Savage from The Reading Cottage (<– click to read the article).

An excerpt from Joel’s article: Lotus seeds also contain a powerful anti-aging enzyme which researchers are now trying to add to various anti-ageing products and cosmetics. The dried seed heads are sold for decorative purposes across the world. These seeds are commonly used in dried flower arranging.


The street vendor was selling the seed heads for only 3 RMB a piece. That's the equivalent of $.50

The street vendor was selling the seed heads for only 3 RMB a piece. That’s the equivalent of $.50


The article states there are anti-ageing properties in the seed’s. Guess what I’ll be learning  Ito eat and incorporate into food? Yup, you guessed it, ha!

Have you ever tried Lotus seeds and did you like them?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Are you wondering what this set of photo’s has to do with the Weekly Photo Challenge Adventure? Adventure is defined as, “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. Riding in a taxi, pedicabs, or even riding a bike in China is an adventure. It can and has been hazardous at times.

Since moving to this part of China 2 1/2 years ago we have not only witnessed many accidents; but, some of us have even been a part of the accidents. As incredible as this might sound, we have also been the reason for the accidents. More on this in a bit.

I picked a nice hot afternoon to go and try to get the following snapshots. There is usually no traffic in the middle of the day. Yay! Look at this snap shots I took with the iPhone 4s. What’s missing?

Why have we been the reason for accidents? It’s simple really, we are foreigners! At times we are still the object of curiosity. I believe we are all very good about playing along and waving and saying hello in both English and Chinese. Lastly, we have found that just like any other country, we win hearts by cooing over the little ones. There is one thing to be said about China, they LOVE little kids!

So, did you figure out what is missing? That’s right, we don’t have stop signs, yield signs, or much in the way of directional signs. We do have stop lights at the main hub of our intersections of town. For the most part those lights are observed. As for the rest of the side streets, it’s basically who ever gets to an intersection first!

We have traffic signs or road signs in my beloved USA. What about in your country, are there any traffic signs where you’re from?