Mooncake’s for Mid Autumn Festival – China

I’ve read so many different articles on what exactly is the Mid-Autumn Festival. As best as I can figure, the Mid Autumn Festival is a time of gathering, eating moon cakes, and giving thanks for the harvest. A variation of round mooncake’s are made, shared, and eaten during the festival. The roundness of mooncake’s is key in the celebration as it signifies unity in a family. I also read that many people will take strolls and gaze at the moon; however, here in Luxu I didn’t see any such activity.

Due to the festivities, the primary children of Sino Canada School enjoyed an afternoon filled with laughter, song, and  moon cake making. The patient Chef and his assistant’s helped each child roll and mold a moon cake. They had so much fun and really enjoyed the hands on activity.

In case you are wondering, the filling for each mooncake was different. The variety included a sweet red bean, peach, pear, and pineapple. Hmm…

I also enjoyed the invitation and the opportunity to take part in the mooncake making process.


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