Building Blocks

A few week’s ago we were walking home after having a very filling and wonderful dinner. The evening was dense with heat and no air movement to speak of. The town was filled with people strolling about enjoying the evening and trying to find some measure of comfort. The only smell in the air was the lingering smell of fireworks. The sounds were the same, crackling fireworks and horns blaring from cars, trucks, scooters, and even bicycles.

As we were walking home we noticed a little boy and his mother. The mother was busy enjoying the little boy’s giggles and didn’t notice we had slowed down to watch the scene before us. The young boy was busy playing with left over cement block as mom watched on. The little boy would pile the blocks, move them around, stand back and look at mom for approval. Mom would then praise the little boy and clap.

I found such pleasure in the scene before us. I thought to myself, now there’s a mother truly spending time with her son. You could clearly see she was enjoying the boys creativity and being encouraging to him as well.

We knew she had noticed us when we heard the word, “Laowai”, which means foreigner. We all said hello and pointed to what the boy had done with the blocks, gave a little clap, and touched his head. Of course he shied away from us (it was Mike’s towering size and bald head, I’m sure of it… :)) and went to his mother. As we were walking away the little boy resumed playing with the blocks and I asked mom if I could take a picture. A quick nod from mom and I was able to get 2 quick shots (although not very good ones) before he went to mom again.  Enjoy!

IMG_3764 IMG_3765




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