My Daughter Jumped Off The Macau Tower

Our beautiful dare-devil and youngest daughter Mari decided she wanted to do something extreme while taking a small vacation to Macau. Available in Macau is the worlds highest bungy jump created and developed by AJ Hackett. Read the amazing facts of this jump here.

Bungy jumping from a height of 233 meters (764 feet) and speed of up to 200 km/h is pretty darn extreme if you ask me. Our daughter, Mari, loved the jump as can be seen in the video below and is now talking to Mike about a free fall jump. Yikes! By the way this video was taken with a Go Pro camera. I think we added an addition to our collection…hmm

Last night after returning from a late dinner we all sat and watched the video. Mari was radiating with excitement and a little pride for doing something that was on her bucket list. It’s hard to believe that she’s only 14.

Have you ever bungy jumped? Do you have children who love extreme sports and how does it make you feel?

8 thoughts on “My Daughter Jumped Off The Macau Tower

    • One of my friends jumped as well. I could hardly bring myself to go to the edge of the floor, where by the way I was protected by a glass window… lol… These types of sports are not for me.

      We really enjoyed Macau, very nice. I did find however that as soon as you leave the glam of the Casino area, it all seemed old world. That said, we all enjoyed it. Oh and the beach… warm water!

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