Gardens Everywhere – China

There is so much to appreciate here in China. My list is long and full of gratitude and appreciation. Today, I’d like to share just a few shots of small gardens. Gardens, no big deal right? But, these gardens are unique in that they are not in someone’s backyard, front yard, or even in containers. These gardens are planted by the locals in open spaces or public spaces.


This garden is right next to the street. We have never seen someone disturb the gardens.


A garden along the canal that runs behind the apartment complex where I live. I love the look of the garden vs a grassy area.


Some of the trees were transplanted to this area. The grass had become a little overgrown before the locals started using the grounds for a vegetable garden.

As strange as this may seem, I find these gardens full of inspiration. The local people take the time to clear the land, prepare the soil, sow the seeds, and then they get to reap the harvest.  IMG_4469

Then we have the homeowner that has a small space behind the house or next to it. I’m not saying that every single person uses open spaces for gardening; but, there is a large percentage of people who utilize every area with soil for gardening.


This garden is located behind someone’s home.


On a hot summer day, Mike was able to visit with this older gentleman who was lovingly tying his plants up.


The locals are proud of the gardens and some can be found selling their vegetables on the side of the street near the open market.

Right now I’m really encouraged and inspired by John and the folks at  Food Is Free project in Austin, Texas. I’m so inspired that I would like to do something like this in Wabash, Indiana. What about you, what do you think of small gardens? Do you have a garden?

I’m so in love with life!


7 thoughts on “Gardens Everywhere – China

  1. I used to help my grandparents in their garden. They could buy all the veg and fruits in a shop, but it was something special for them. And I think it is a great experience for the kids – it’s one thing to eat what you buy, and totally different to eat a tomato or strawberries, that you put your effort into growing. My kids grow up in apartments, but I guess, it’s maybe possible to try and grow something on a balcony at least, to show how much care you need to actually produce your own food.

    • Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself! I think children enjoy gardening. Our students have a patch of land where they have planted vegetables. From time to time they bring in a few items, wash, and share with fellow students. They love to tell stories of who planted what. By the way, I read your About page and am looking forward to reading your posts. Have a great evening! (its evening here in China)

      • Thank you for following and a good evening to you too! my parents and my sister live in shanghai now, so I keep track of a 7-hour time difference 🙂

    • Isn’t it just a beautiful feeling to wake up and just say, “Yes I’m Alive”! I won’t have a yard next year but I’ll have plenty of space for a small container garden. Maybe some grape tomatoes. If we can’t have a garden then we can patronize the Farmers Market for fresh goodies! Have a fabulous day 🙂

      • Yes, it is a wonderful feeling! I have a dental appointment this morning and hope I will be feeling as happy afterwards! LOL!

        I planted grape tomatoes the summer of 2013 and had so many that we were eating them for every meal!

        You have an awesome day (or night), too!

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