How Old Is Susie?

Since returning to the states, I’ve dived in to antiques, junkin, and picking through oodles of fabulous junk. I’ve joined many vintage pages on Facebook and other sites. All this in preparation for our own shop due to open in the spring. Exciting times are underway!

In one of the many pages I belong to, I saw Susie here. RS 9The asking price was $30; however, someone was ahead of me for the sale on this item. Bummer I thought but no big deal, there’s plenty more to see. Later that same evening the gal who purchased the chair sent me a note asking if I wanted the rocking chair as it did not go well with her decor or what she was wanting. Yay me! Sure I said and out the door to pick up Susie we went.

Susie here had a pink seat cover held together with tacks. Nope I thought, I don’t like that color and I don’t like the tacks. Further more, I don’t like her shine either. Hmm…  RS 2 RS 3

During one of my sleepless nights I decided to start taking Susie apart. A glass of wine, music in the back ground, and a 5 in 1 in hand, I started working on this old gal. Layer by layer, tack by tack, tiny nails after tiny nails, the process was painstakingly slow but wonderful at the same time. I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

But wait, bloody hell, before I knew it I was down further than I wanted to go. I had meant to remove the tacks and the seat cover only. Then I was going to lightly sand some of the shine. Oh dear… When I took the tacks off and the pink hideous cover, I saw this.RS 5

What in the world I thought. It’s straw and hair, holy cow its horse hair! I had never ran into this before.RS 6

The staples were also small, smaller than I have seen. Hmm.. How old is Susie anyway? When did furniture crafters’ use horse hair and straw? The nails inside the chair were small and brown with a very pointy tip. I was intrigued. I kept going. The green piece under the straw was vinyl and not leather. Then I got to the coils, wow, I had to laugh, I loved it. RS 8Sadly, Susie here went to an upholstery gal who is used to working on pieces such as this one. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for her. Stay tuned for an after shot of Susie. If you know me, you know that I don’t pitch anything. So, the coils have been saved. I’m sure I can do something with them. Any ideas for re-purposing coils?

How old do you think she could be? There were no stamps, signatures, or markings to give me a clue.



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