Cooking & Challenges

We’ve been in China since February 2, 2012. As you can imagine there have been many challenges and culture shocks, tears over the food, and amazement over some customs. In the beginning almost every meal was had with tears. The girls had the worst of it as they just weren’t used to trying different foods. Allowing the girls to have a food group of 5 items in their younger years was a huge mistake and we/they have paid for it dearly. Anyway….

On to why I’m creating this page. We are here with an additional 10 and at times 13 other men including two other families. Since the men have had a hard time adjusting to the food in China, we volunteered to cook a few meals a week. Oh boy! We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Our kitchen is equipped with a 2 burner stove and we purchased a toaster oven to help with the cooking. Microwaves are also available, of course, but we made it a conscious choice not to use a microwave in our kitchen. We can purchase a 3rd little burner/hot plate of sorts but as you can see from the pictures, the room is just not available. So from this tiny kitchenette and a refrigerator that limit’s space we have been able to whip out so pretty awesome meals. It’s a challenge, it’s tricky, it’s frustrating, and at times its damn right maddening. How did those pioneer women do it way back when?

So for 6/20/12 we decided to make one tray of Spaghetti and one tray of Chicken Alfredo with a chocolate cake made from scratch by one of the other ladies. We are able to purchase Western products at our Carrefour in Shanghai; however, we now have a local Tesco that also carries a small selection of Western goodies. We found that Tesco also carries fresh milk, butter, cheese, & yogurt. Yay! Get excited. Our excitement is due to the fact that locally we can not find fresh milk, butter, or good cheese so Tesco is fantastic for us. We no longer have to travel an hour to purchase fresh milk. The pictures I’m including are not the greatest but it will help with the visual of our kitchen. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Cooking & Challenges

    • Thanks Lesley,
      Those blue appliances are no more as we have now moved to a 3 bedroom apartment. The kitchen is longer but not much bigger. Thanks for stopping and the like… hope your having a fabulous afternoon!


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