The Fat Cow is in Shanghai

There’s a cool restaurant in Shanghai called the Fat Cow. They serve delicious burgers and sweet potato fries that are out of this world! It’s a really cool atmosphere with a western type of vibe. I don’t mean western as in cowboys and Indian’s. I mean western vibe as in North America type of atmosphere and food. Okay, the food is delicious!

Now, as you may or may not know, I’m a little on the big and beautiful side. Sitting in the restaurant facing the Fat Cow sign and putting my margarita on the Fat Cow coaster is way too loud. The whole place is screaming for me to eat a freaking salad. I seriously feel self-conscious ¬†ordering a fat juicy guacamole burger with sweet potato fries when every time I blink I see, “Fat Cow”.

I hope you see the humor in my post as I’m chuckling writing it. I mean no disrespect. Enjoy!

Fat Cow 1 Fat Cow 2