Fresh Squeezed

Every morning I’m greeted with a tight hug and a pleasant, “good morning, how did you sleep.” This morning this wonderful husband of mine and the great father of our children greeted his family with fresh squeezed orange juice. Are you wondering or asking yourself what’s so special about orange juice?

It’s not really about the orange juice, not at all. It’s about the time he takes or carves out of his busy morning to ensure we have a great start to our morning. It’s about meditation while doing something he loves. It’s about ensuring we know he loves us and thinks about us above all else. It’s really all about love and loving his family. It’s all about us.

Orange Juice

It’s a Hot Chinese Feast

Warning, It’s a hot dish said no one ever! Beware, when you’re invited out to dinner and the dishes have been pre-ordered. There’s no time to say 不辣 Bù là – which means no spice. The red pieces you see in the dishes are not small chopped up tomatoes or red bell peppers. Oh no, they are red hot chili peppers, some of the hottest I’ve ever had the misfortune of tasting. Beauty  of presentation is not beauty and tasty to the mouth.

Once you do the silly and childish thing of picking through your food and separating all the unknown items, the meal tends to be quite tasty and at times even delicious!

I like some spice in my food and I tend to add jalapeno to my pico de gallo (cold chunky salsa). Do you like spicy food? What is one of the spiciest  food you’ve ever tasted?

Glutinous Rice Dumplings, “Bak Chang”

The rice dumplings smelled delicious! They are made with rice and pork chunks wrapped in a bamboo leaf and tide with a twig. These snapshots were taken in a water town called Zhou Jia Jiao. Enjoy!



Street Food in Xitang, China

Just a few shots of the street food and Baijiu tasting’s. The pictures are self-explanatory; but, the Baijiu is one I’d rather explain a bit further. To me, Baijiu is the strongest alcoholic beverage I’ve ever tasted. Imagine if you will trying to swallow turpentine. Immediately after getting past the smell of Baijiu comes the feeling, the feeling of your insights, your esophagus to be exact, catching fire. If you don’t feel it in your esophagus, you’ll feel the Baijiu as it cements itself in the pit of your stomach with a fiery feeling of hell inside your body. It’s definitely not for the week of heart, sense of smell, or stomach. Ha!

Bajiu Tasting

This was the Baijiu tasting house similar to a wine tasting event only include the fiery feeling as the Baijiu makes its way down to your stomach leaving a streak of fire along the way.

Caramel candy sticks

I believe this was caramel as it smelled like it. This is sold on one of the sticks you see in the pot.

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs, squid, pork, chicken, & I believe hot dogs for the grill are readily available at every turn. The smells are delicious and very tempting.

Steaming Crab - Xitang

I was hoping to find someone eating a crab leg as they walked along but I had no such luck. These crabs look delicious to me and I’ve often wondered how they taste; however, I’ve not worked up the courage to try one.

Street Food: Purple Passion Fruit

We found many side vendors selling passion fruit. A strange and aromatic fruit with a gel like substance that is tart and a sweet after taste. Not bad say’s my friend, it taste and feels a little like pomegranate. These snap shots (not good ones) were taken as an after thought.

Gulangyu Island off of Xiamen offered a nice variety of different foods and views to enjoy.

Passion Fruit 1

The vendor would cut off the tops of the fruit and insert a small straw in the center. Unlike other fruits, this one can be drank. 🙂
Passion Fruit 2We’ve come across different fruits and veggies in our travels. I often wonder if we have missed these items in the USA, are they available? When I shop in a grocery store back home I’m so honed in to what I need and shop with intent that I don’t look to see what else is available and what I could be missing.



Street Food: Quail Eggs & Shrimp

Street food is always a mystery to me. I love to find different street food vendors who sell strange and unusual items. The food often smells mouth watering delicious. However, I’ve often found the smell does not match up to what I believe the food should look like. I’m very visual. If I don’t like what I see, I just don’t taste it no matter how good it smells. Simple!

During our trip to Gulangyu Island Xiamen, we bumped into a small crowd lined up to a corner food stand. As curious as I am, I followed the crowd to the front of the line to discover what the fuss was all about. Ha! It smelled good and looked good that is until I saw the bucket of quail eggs and the cook cracking the little eggs into each little poached egg cup. My interest in sampling the food stopped there. Looking back, I wish I had tasted the quail and egg dough ball thing, darn, hope I didn’t miss much. Enjoy!

The small bucket of quail eggs was sitting to the back. I'm glad I saw it. I do wonder if I had not seen the bucket would I have tried the dish. Hmmm

The small bucket of quail eggs was sitting to the back. I’m glad I saw it. I do wonder if I had not seen the bucket would I have tried the dish. Hmmm

These smelled so good. Does anyone know what they are called?

These smelled so good. Does anyone know what they are called? The way each dish would sponge up into like a dough ball was really interesting. 

This line of people were in line for the Quail eggs & shrimp.

This line of people were waiting their turn for the Quail eggs & shrimp. Off the subject, I love the lady with the brown granny square wrap, beautiful!