Fresh Squeezed

Every morning I’m greeted with a tight hug and a pleasant, “good morning, how did you sleep.” This morning this wonderful husband of mine and the great father of our children greeted his family with fresh squeezed orange juice. Are you wondering or asking yourself what’s so special about orange juice?

It’s not really about the orange juice, not at all. It’s about the time he takes or carves out of his busy morning to ensure we have a great start to our morning. It’s about meditation while doing something he loves. It’s about ensuring we know he loves us and thinks about us above all else. It’s really all about love and loving his family. It’s all about us.

Orange Juice

Why Vaginal Steaming could be the Best Thing we’ll Try This Year. | elephant journal

Read the article ladies. Sometimes at the first sign of trouble we reach for chemical medications. Those are great at times; however, how about a more holistic approach of remedies?

Let me know what you think.

Why Vaginal Steaming could be the Best Thing we’ll Try This Year. | elephant journal.

A Time Machine or Teleport


A Time Machine or Teleport

Which would you rather have? A Time Machine that will take you back and forth in time for, “do over’s”, or a Teleport, bouncing you forward from place to place?

Today, I’d like to have a time machine to go back in time to my early 20’s. I’d like a, “do over” on all the damn twinkies I ate, all the midnight ho-ho snacks I enjoyed, all the regular can’s of soda I drank, all the stacks of blueberry pancakes I devoured, a do over on the thousands of Taco’s I had, and all those other snacks I thought were harmless.

Yes, today I’d like to go back in time and start a healthier mentality on good nutrition and exercise. Maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be fighting this constant battle of adult onset Diabetes.

Today you get to pick a Time Machine or a Teleport device, which would you pick and why?

Photo taken with an iPhone 4S at a local high school.

Hu Qing Yu Tang in Hangzhou – Traditional Chinese Medicine Building

The world famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) store is located in Hangzhou and founded by a wealthy merchant during the Tongzhi Reign.



The building is rich in cultured design and architecture featuring dark wood through out and what appears to be original wood floors. The walls are lined with high cabinetry filled with drawers. Display cases are everywhere with different natural herbs, roots, barks, bugs/worms etc.. all are a part of the natural healing remedies. 243

According to Richard R. Wertz, TCM is largely based on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete and sophisticated interconnected systems. In our western world we are programmed to believe the only way to find a diagnosis for an ailment is by running a series of lab tests which include blood work. But, is there any merit to old Chinese medicine ways where for example the pulse is read? What about a diagnosis based on smell and hearing? I myself am not opposed to  alternative medicine in some cases.

In the following photo you’ll see technicians mixing different herbs based on a prescription.



One of various waiting pavilions. Much different from a Dr.’s waiting room in the states.



There is currently no real cure for Psoriasis. The disease can be controlled with synthetic man-made protein; but, what if the cure is really hidden within the shells of natural remedies?




There is a great article you can read, here, written by Richard R. Wertz. There’s a plethora of information in his well written and informative article. Whether you are a believer in TCM or alternative medicine or not, the fact that this type of medicine is an integral part of the Chinese culture makes it well worth my time and effort to learn about it. Enjoy!


One VERY good reason why we should use caution when selecting meat products. Where does your meat come from?

China Daily Mail

The rotting bodies of about 6,000 pigs in a river that supplies tap water to Shanghai has drawn attention to an ugly truth – China’s pig farms are often riddled with disease and one way or another, sick animals often end up in the food chain.

Authorities have found traces of a common pig virus in some of the animals floating in the Huangpu River this week, and industry insiders say farmers likely dumped them, common in an industry which has no system of compensation for losses from disease.

“There is no mechanism by which, whenever diseases are found among pigs, the government compensates pig breeders so as to control the spread of diseases or compensate pig breeders for losses,” said Feng Yonghui, general manager at pig-industry research organisation

To make matters worse, Feng said insurance companies were unwilling to insure pig breeders because the risks were so…

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2013 Recipe Adventure: 3 of 52 – Oat Milk Smoothies

Our new found love, fruit smoothies made with fresh oat milk. We followed a recipe found on Veganlovlie’s Blog for making the Oat Milk for our fruit smoothies. I’ll admit, I was hesitant and not sure what this would taste like but part of our recipe adventure is to try new things. While reading through the site and other sites, we did find there is a health benefit to drinking this type of Milk vs. cow milk.

So, here we go…

The Oat Milk Recipe

1 Cup Oats, 1 liter water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

That’s it!

A word of caution: I found that the Oat Milk did not work too well to make scrambled eggs. I couldn’t get the consistency right and while cooking the eggs, the eggs were watery and not very attractive.

I do hope you enjoy the recipe and the smoothie!