A Frosty and A Spoon

If you know me, you know that I’m always, always taking snap shots. Whether it’s with my iPhone, point and shoot, or the Nikon, I’m forever taking a photo. At times this can become rather annoying for the subjects. If you ask my husband, he would say, “my wife can be f*kn annoying with her incessant photo taking”. He says this with a smile and lots of love, in a humorous kind of way. I’m sure that’s what he means.

Today, we decided to treat ourselves to an unhealthy snack, a Wendy’s frosty. So what made me take a photo? Right before Mike took a seat he reached behind him and whips out his spoon. In a deep voice he says, “I’ve come prepared.” A commercial moment if you will. This was a spoon from home. He was indeed prepared!

We sit down to enjoy our snack and I (of course) thought the moment was worthy of a snap shot. I mean really, how many people do you know carry their own spoon? So, I take my iPhone out and snap a quick one. Oh, but not before he could wipe the expression off his face, ha! When I looked at the photo on my phone I questioned his expression. His response, “how would you like it if I took a picture of you every time you fart?” Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe he said this in public and with an older gentleman sitting right behind us. I was stunned, but only for a few seconds. All of a sudden it hit me and I burst into a boisterous laughing fit. I cried. I found it so funny. Even now I’m laughing.

After a few minutes the gentleman behind us gets up to leave but not before he says to us, “you know there is a study that laughing can cure many types of diseases.” Awe.. he had enjoyed my laugh as he was also smiling. I hope that was it and not that he heard my husband say he was taking a picture of me every time I fart. Oh dear heavens.

IMG_5154Yes it’s true, I take way too many pictures. But you know, I seriously love to freeze moments with my pictures. I love it! Mike and I, we are two peas in a pod, we love and laugh with each other all the time. We lovingly poke fun at each other all the time. I love this husband of mine. I especially love that he loves my idiosyncrasy’s.

Yes, I Walked Out on Him

This morning while driving the girls to school I was listening intently to the radio. The discussion this morning was surrounding the question, “Have you ever walked out on a situation”? Ha! I started laughing out loud and thought, yes, I’ve had one of those situations. My daughters of course were looking at me as if I had lost my mind rolled their eyes and went back to their devices.

So let me tell you when I walked out as I remember the evening plain as day as if it had just happened yesterday. It was and has been one of the funniest moments in my life. Although, at the time I was furious.

A little over a year after my divorce, I decided it was time to stop hating men and possibly start dating. I wasn’t sure if I was really ready to date, I only knew I was ready to start meeting people. I joined a site called eHarmony. It started as a joke or as a, what the heck, why not type of thing. Well, through the site, I did meet a lot of nice people, but no one that had caught my interest long enough to dedicate any time for further discussion or meets.

After a couple of months I met John (not his real name). John had a sense of humor and was easy to talk to through the computer. A few weeks after we had been talking we met in person for the first time at a restaurant. I had made the rules of the meet and had decided we would go dutch as friends would do rather than a date and have one of us pay. He was excited and agreed. Dinner was ok. A little tense as he ended up being a little more shy in person. After dinner we decided on a movie.


Photo credit to: pixshark.com

He asked me to pick the movie and so I did. I picked Jackass, it was supposed to be funny, a guy movie, and well I just thought he needed to loosen up a bit. We stood in line making small talk. We get to the theater window, he looks at me, smiles and says I’ll get the movie. I thought, awe he smiled, maybe this will be ok after all. He seemed more relaxed. He had a beautiful smile and smelled really good.

The lines to the concession stands were long and we decided to find a seat first. After about 10 minutes he asked if I wanted popcorn or a drink. I said sure of course that would be nice. As he was getting up he turns to me and says, “You know Maria, I usually don’t spend money on women unless its going somewhere”. Yes! Yes, he did say that. Spend money on women? Really now, you just paid for the movie and you were just getting popcorn and a drink. Spend money?

I sat there for a full 10 seconds. Stunned. Shocked really. I got up and walked out. When I got home I just deleted his profile from my list and never heard from him again. So, have I ever walked out of a situation? Yes, yes I have and thank goodness.

It’s been over 10 years since that incident and I can laugh about it now and I repeat the dreadful dating story to everyone. Even though this was not really supposed to be a date, it was.

What about you, have you ever walked out of a situation?

Caught You!


Caught You!

In this photo Mike was taking a picture of the photographer that was taking his picture. I was taking a picture of Mike taking a picture of the photographer. I thought it was quite funny.

Mike and I recently spent an amazing weekend in Shanghai. During a luncheon outing in the Laowai Street area (foreigners alley) we unintentionally caught the attention of various photographers. I’m not sure why; but, I think it had to do with Mike’s jacket. He looked like a tall version of Paddington Bear. Adorable of course! As we were leaving, I saw this group snapping away. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped back. Ha, caught you!

photo (5)

As we were passing by the photographers I smiled and waved at the folks. A friendly gesture to share the fun and the beautiful rainy day. Enjoy!

Driving in China can be quite challenging

I know I’ve posted photo’s of driving, drivers, & traffic in the past. However, I do have a few others I’d like to share with you. Driving in China is atrocious, there is not one good thing I can say about drivers or their skills from this Shanghai rural area. I can however say that our driver Charles is quite a light foot in the van. Maybe I should say light driver hmm. Anyway, even with his crazy weaving in and out of traffic, pumping the gas pedal, and disobeying the speed limit and traffic signs, we feel very safe with him as our driver. Below are a few photo’s of the traffic congestion we were in during one of our shopping expeditions.

Look at the yellow line, we are in the oncoming traffic lane. With traffic so heavy, there is just no way we will make it back to the right side of the road before the traffic coming reaches us.

Look at the yellow line, we are in the oncoming traffic lane. With traffic so heavy, there is just no way we will make it back to the right side of the road before the traffic coming reaches us.


See the big blue truck, it will soon be in front of us and Charles will have to move to let the truck go by. At this point there is a lot of honking and no one is letting us in. Charles has quite a following of other brave drivers behind him as well.


Like a dummy I stuck my hand out the window with the iPhone pointing back to capture this shot. We are the ones in the white van trying to cut in with only inches to spare between the two cars.

The Taxi Ride


The Taxi Ride

A quick run to the grocery store was led by quite an adventure in a Taxi. With no taxi in sight I had to take one of these guys. I usually show the driver my TESCO card as an instruction tool of where I need to go. Well, I must have held the card upside down because this guy took me for a ride. After a few taps on the shoulder and pointing motions he got me to TESCO, the grocery store. Only my snip it of a story doesn’t end there. Once I paid him and went inside I chuckled as I should have just walked and I thought that was the last I would see of him. Not so. Once I checked out I saw him standing by the exit area of the store next to a store employee. He was smiling and I knew this poor old man had been waiting for me. So, he grabs my bags out of my hands and leads me to where he’s parked. He received a few comments from some of the other drivers waiting in line for the next customer. I felt like I was in a show and tell project. So with smiles and waves he loads my bags, gets in, and is looking at me to tell him where to go. Ha ha… so the whole distracting the driver, pointing, and making grunting noises begin again. Distracting the driver is not a good thing because the drivers tend to turn their head for as long as you are trying to explain. Oh what joy! I can chuckle about it now but I was a bit peeved at myself for forgetting my phone and my addressed card. Don’t leave home without it takes on a whole new meaning….lol.