A Frosty and A Spoon

If you know me, you know that I’m always, always taking snap shots. Whether it’s with my iPhone, point and shoot, or the Nikon, I’m forever taking a photo. At times this can become rather annoying for the subjects. If you ask my husband, he would say, “my wife can be f*kn annoying with her incessant photo taking”. He says this with a smile and lots of love, in a humorous kind of way. I’m sure that’s what he means.

Today, we decided to treat ourselves to an unhealthy snack, a Wendy’s frosty. So what made me take a photo? Right before Mike took a seat he reached behind him and whips out his spoon. In a deep voice he says, “I’ve come prepared.” A commercial moment if you will. This was a spoon from home. He was indeed prepared!

We sit down to enjoy our snack and I (of course) thought the moment was worthy of a snap shot. I mean really, how many people do you know carry their own spoon? So, I take my iPhone out and snap a quick one. Oh, but not before he could wipe the expression off his face, ha! When I looked at the photo on my phone I questioned his expression. His response, “how would you like it if I took a picture of you every time you fart?” Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe he said this in public and with an older gentleman sitting right behind us. I was stunned, but only for a few seconds. All of a sudden it hit me and I burst into a boisterous laughing fit. I cried. I found it so funny. Even now I’m laughing.

After a few minutes the gentleman behind us gets up to leave but not before he says to us, “you know there is a study that laughing can cure many types of diseases.” Awe.. he had enjoyed my laugh as he was also smiling. I hope that was it and not that he heard my husband say he was taking a picture of me every time I fart. Oh dear heavens.

IMG_5154Yes it’s true, I take way too many pictures. But you know, I seriously love to freeze moments with my pictures. I love it! Mike and I, we are two peas in a pod, we love and laugh with each other all the time. We lovingly poke fun at each other all the time. I love this husband of mine. I especially love that he loves my idiosyncrasy’s.