Fresh Squeezed

Every morning I’m greeted with a tight hug and a pleasant, “good morning, how did you sleep.” This morning this wonderful husband of mine and the great father of our children greeted his family with fresh squeezed orange juice. Are you wondering or asking yourself what’s so special about orange juice?

It’s not really about the orange juice, not at all. It’s about the time he takes or carves out of his busy morning to ensure we have a great start to our morning. It’s about meditation while doing something he loves. It’s about ensuring we know he loves us and thinks about us above all else. It’s really all about love and loving his family. It’s all about us.

Orange Juice

Regrettable Decisions

Have you ever had to make a decision that was so right in your mind but ever so wrong in your heart? Intellectually, you knew it was the right decision. Emotionally, you wish you didn’t have to make such life changing decisions.

Watch this beautifully composed video of my students and coworkers wishing me well and saying farewell as we prepare to leave China and return to the USA. I’ll share more about our move in a different post. 

Teaching in China is so rewarding and life enriching. Our elementary school is not all about numbers and scores, it is more about teaching children to have passion for education. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to have been a part of these young lives that will remain forever in my heart.

So, with tears in my eyes, sorrow in my heart, and love for my children (students), I share this wonderful video in hopes that you can see why these students brought me so much joy.

A Tear Over Tuxedo Cake

I was feeling a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge the character in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens’s. Although, I don’t despise Christmas, this year I’m just not looking forward to it. Under normal circumstances, I love Christmas. This year I’ve been feeling a bit bah humbug with the merry season. I’ve been grouchy & snappish with a short fuse to boot. Then I started going through photo’s and found these two snap’s. A joyful tear in remembrance of home streaked down my cheek.

To you they may appear as just ordinary snap shot’s of a cake. A few bad snap shot’s at that. However, to me these photo’s help ease a bit of that bah humbug feeling. Whenever we visit Mike’s sisters in Indiana, we are welcomed with so much love. Sitting in my sister-in-laws kitchen chair discussing life events or lack of, is so heart warming. These photo’s remind me of the unconditional love my wonderful husband and sisters-in-law share. No matter the time and distance between us all, that kitchen table and chairs nestled between the bar stools, magazines, & tea pots, is an incredible welcoming spot. The kitchen table is where life is addressed.

This cake was made by my sister-in-law Brenda who lives in Indiana. A wonderful woman with quite a knack for baking. I’m thinking she’s going to cringe when she sees the display; but, it’s all in love. I can smell the cake months later and 7,500 miles away.


One bite will send you into chocolate heaven!

Pure deliciousness!

Pure deliciousness!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


Weekly Photo Challenge – A kiss such as this, innocent as it may be, is filled with so much love. Can you feel the passion, love, & devotion, this man has for me?

A Kiss, yes, a kiss from Mike to Me. ::sigh:: Contentment!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


This photo was taken in SheShan Sculpture Park, Shanghai. Mari, my youngest daughter wrote in the sand, Mari, Moni, & Mom. Monica, then enclosed it with a heart shape. The shadow figures are my girls and once again they were holding hands. I’m not sure that they realize they hold hands quite often. These two young ladies share a sisterly bond that I’ve not seen before. It started with Moni crawling into the crib and sleeping next to Mari as a baby to today where they each have their own room but can’t seem to sleep apart.

Sister Love!