Symmetry – Weekly Photo Challenge

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge BY , is Symmetry. The following picture was taken by my 14-year-old daughter using a Nokia 1520 camera phone. She used an Android APP called Camera 360.

The photos were taken at a local thrift shop while looking for albums. Yes, albums seem to be the rage with some kids. If we could find a turn table we’d be in business.



Photo credit to: Mari Madrigal


Photo credit to Mari Madrigal


Photo credit to: Mari Madrigal

Please allow me to introduce my daughter, the youngest of 5, a young lady full of life and dreams. She is aspiring to become an International Nurse (she wants to travel abroad), a photographer, and an extreme sports woman. For her 15th birthday, she’d like to give me a 2nd heart attack (not really) and go sky diving. 🙂

This is Mari, she is aspiring to become an International Nurse (she wants to travel abroad), a photographer, and an extreme sports woman.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

The following photo’s were taken in Suzhou, China en route to Tiger Hill which is nestled in an out-of-the-way area of Suzhou. These photo’s also support the Weekly Photo Challenge of Street Life. What is street life and what does it mean to me? I reviewed my archives as I really wanted to share something from the states. Instead, I opted to share photo’s from this country as street life here is so different.

In this news stand the vendor sits in doors while we browse his selections. There was no rush on his part to assist. I’m sure he knew we couldn’t read any of it anyway. I often wonder if this is their life, sitting in the stand day in and day out waiting for a sale to make a living.


I took this photo en route to Tiger Hill to see the leaning tower. The vendors were all lined up with polished and neatly displayed fruits.


Last but not least is this older woman set up and ready to shine up any shoes. Of course, from this picture you have to wonder what kind of shine can you give tennis shoes or gym like shoes. Hmm… Perhaps the gentleman was looking for a good dusting and brushing of his shoes.


Living in China has and continues to be an amazing journey. We have deeper appreciation for life. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I kept wondering what photo’s I would add for this Weekly Photo Challenge. Early today I took a walk through the part of town we call Old Luxu and look what I found! The children are inside the back of a 3 wheeled motor vehicle.  While grandpa was making deliveries the children were kept out of street in the back of the vehicle. Think safety!

Photo’s were taken with an iPhone 4s.

IMG_2173 IMG_2175

Sex Sculptures in China – Part 2 of 3

Warning: In my last post I did not approve of several comments and deleted them. The reason for the photo’s is to share in the history of this country. Please refrain from making obscene comments, rude, or even judgmental comments. We may not understand or agree with everything we see; but, we must keep in mind that many don’t agree with our Western culture and history as well.

The following photo’s are more snap shots taken with the iPhone 4s during my visit to the sex museum. The museum has a few buildings scattered throughout the gardens. Some areas are clearly marked with, “no photo’s allowed”, and other areas were a free zone, well at least I think they were free zones as I didn’t see a sign.

Most of the photo’s are self-explanatory. Those photo’s like the marriage bed are beautiful and there appears to be a significance with color and birds relating to the bed. I’ll have to do more research, in the meantime, please enjoy.

Lamb Anyone?

I’m starting to get a strong dislike for the beef we purchase locally. There seems to be a strong aftertaste on most of the beef that we’ve purchased. So, we’ve made a conscious decision to start purchasing other meat products and really diving in to tofu recipe’s.

Our first off the wall and so not like us recipe for the year was lamb. We love lamb and usually have it when we go to different restaurants. However, we’ve never cooked some here at home. My husband was searching the web and came across this fabulous web site: . We decided to try his recipe on the slow roasted leg of lamb. Peter Minakis knows his kitchen and dishes. Wow!

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that we are limited on space, spices, & herbs. We make-do though and make adjustments as necessary. The family voted on the dish and hands down, delicious and on the, “make again”, list. Not bad for picky eaters ages 13 & 15.

Of course all good dishes start with a good product. For this meal we went to the local wet market. These were our options. After careful consideration and looking like we knew what we were doing, we selected one leg. Knowing the space limitation of our kitchen we had him chop of part of the leg and thank God he took off some of the skin.

LambWe took the lamb home and prepped it like the recipe directed. Alterations – we have no access to fresh sprigs of rosemary or thyme. So, we used a bit of McCormick’s Rosemary leaves and left the thyme out. I didn’t get a picture of the slivers of garlic Mike inserted, but let me tell ya it looked and smelled delicious uncooked. Our oven is a small toaster oven, the dish you see here is the right size for a tight fit. It works well for us. As you can see, we didn’t have room for the taters.

Seasoned Lamb


Without further a-do, into the toaster oven it went. It smelled mouth-watering delicious, and the damn thing wasn’t even cooked yet. Ha!



Final product: Amazing and tender! The only rough spot was the leg part that was sticking out. A bit dried out but other than that, it was a wow and full of flavor!

The Final Product


I See The Light – By Mari Madrigal

The following photo’s were taken by my daughter Mari. Mari is 13 and loves photography and anything relating to the environment. Her photo’s were taken with a Windows 920 phone. I asked her to pick 3 of her favorite shots so I could share with you. 

The photo’s were taken at the Roann Covered Bridge, Roann, IN. A small little town located in the midwest and nestled between two small but larger towns.

Hope you enjoy!

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