The Fat Cow is in Shanghai

There’s a cool restaurant in Shanghai called the Fat Cow. They serve delicious burgers and sweet potato fries that are out of this world! It’s a really cool atmosphere with a western type of vibe. I don’t mean western as in cowboys and Indian’s. I mean western vibe as in North America type of atmosphere and food. Okay, the food is delicious!

Now, as you may or may not know, I’m a little on the big and beautiful side. Sitting in the restaurant facing the Fat Cow sign and putting my margarita on the Fat Cow coaster is way too loud. The whole place is screaming for me to eat a freaking salad. I seriously feel self-conscious  ordering a fat juicy guacamole burger with sweet potato fries when every time I blink I see, “Fat Cow”.

I hope you see the humor in my post as I’m chuckling writing it. I mean no disrespect. Enjoy!

Fat Cow 1 Fat Cow 2

First Stop In The USA

Our first full day in the USA and our first stop was a toiletry stop at Kroger’s. What’s the big deal you might ask? Well, it seems that at 7:13 in the morning there are no cashiers available. We were told we must use the Self Scan machine, followed by the question,”Do you need help using it?”

What’s happening to our world? Why is cash not acceptable for renting a car? Why can’t I have a cheerful friendly cashier ring up my order?

I’m driving 5 miles over the speed limit yet people are passing me and looking at me as if I’ve done something wrong.

Ha! I’m ranting and don’t mean to be. We are a family of 4 who has had very little sleep in the last 24 hours.

We’ve been in China for a full year with no breaks in between. We are all looking forward to these will be blissful 30 days.

Our month long vacation/journey begins now!!


Sex Sculptures in China – Part 1 of 3

Nestled to the back and in an out of the way location in Tongli, there’s a great little garden featuring sex sculptures. There’s also an indoor museum, I’ll share photo’s of that in a later post. Amazingly, some of the sculptures, artifacts, and paintings date back to the 15th century. In this series of photo’s I’ll share some of the sculptures located around the gardens. Some are beautiful, some comical, & some down right hilarious. This is art folks, please don’t take it as anything else or take offense.

China Sex Museum

Isn’t it amazing what we can find in the most unexpected places? Who knew that in this remote little area of China we would find a sex genre gallery.

Have you ever found a gallery, location, or something that is so unexpected it takes you by surprise?

I See The Light – By Mari Madrigal

The following photo’s were taken by my daughter Mari. Mari is 13 and loves photography and anything relating to the environment. Her photo’s were taken with a Windows 920 phone. I asked her to pick 3 of her favorite shots so I could share with you. 

The photo’s were taken at the Roann Covered Bridge, Roann, IN. A small little town located in the midwest and nestled between two small but larger towns.

Hope you enjoy!

WP_20130805_002 WP_20130805_005 Camera360_2013_8_5_103312

Reaching Holland Town in Shanghai China

A 40 minute bus ride from Fenhu and I’ve reached Hongqiao Railway Station. I hop on the metro for another 92 minute ride to North Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. From there, I had planned to take a taxi to Holland Town one of Shanghai‘s New Towns. With my taxi card ready and handy to show the driver where I want to go, I wait for a taxi. IMG_3156

The roads are not as busy as I’m used to seeing in Shanghai. I’ve gotten quite good at flagging down a taxi and didn’t think I would have a problem. For what ever reason I couldn’t manage to get a taxi. The driver’s would see me and pass me, I was waved off, and it just didn’t seem like a taxi wanted to stop. I asked a young lady next to me if she spoke English and after a firm, “of course”, I asked her if I was standing in the right area for a taxi. I was assured I was.

Here comes another Taxi. I plan to make this one mine. As he is pulling in I start to open the door and show him the information to where I want to go. He say’s, “meiyou meiyou” and waves me off. Meiyou means no and it is pronounced like mayo from mayonnaise. By this time I’m really irritated and I’ve been waiting for an hour. Seriously! Defeated, I walk back to the metro station and do so slowly in hopes that I may yet catch a taxi. No such luck. IMG_3157

Perhaps it was the trip pod bag, camera bag, & back pack I was carrying that scared them off. I don’t know for sure but I’m trekking it up again and this time arming myself with pictures and more than just a taxi card to help guide the way.

As I’m waiting on the platform of Metro Line 6 I decide to pull out the iPhone and snap 2 pictures.

The photo below has nothing to do with Holland Town. It’s just the view from the top of metro platform and I didn’t want to leave the area without at least one photo.