I’m trying to be positive about ice. I’m trying to find something good to say about icy weather. So here are my thoughts….

I love ice in my drinks. Whether its summer time or winter, I like ice in my drinks. I LOVE ice cream

Icy weather brings more togetherness in our family. No one is rushing out the door during icy cold weather. We snuggle more. We cook more. We play more games. We talk more. We go out less which means we spend less.

Icy weather is great! What do you do during bad weather that you normally don’t do when the weather is bright, sunny, and warm?

Friday’s Random Photos – China

I’ve decided to do a Friday’s Random Photos¬†category¬†where I can share a few snapshots that don’t fit into a blog post for that week. I’ve discovered I have a ton of snapshots in my archives that would be fun to share outside of a wordy post. Hope you enjoy!

Snow & Smiles in Shanghai

These photo’s were taken in Shanghai, E. Nanjing Pedestrian Street, one of the largest shopping area’s of the city. What was the excitement? Would you believe snow had many people pointing and taking pictures? In the last picture, I was able to capture the young ladies expression, the simple joy of snow and the photo’s she had caught on her camera. Great timing!

Shots taken with iPhone 4s.

Snow photo 1 snow photo 2 snow photo

Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is a Selfie. Yesterday we had temperatures of 34 F here in Luxu. We finally had a winter like day with a mix of snow. The wet snow reminded me of the beautiful state of Michigan, our home. In a blink of an eye it was gone! So much for enjoying the beauty….

I took this selfie during my walk around the lake. The snow had melt and the day was pretty bright. I don’t take selfies very often and actually I feel quite silly doing so. What the heck, here it goes……


The afternoon was so windy I had to wear my scarf over my ball cap so I didn’t lose my cap. I felt silly but didn’t want to lose the ONE cap that fits my big head!…

To give you an idea what the snow was like here is a pic of my husband….


Lost In The Rain – Luxu China


These two photo’s were taken on a warm rainy day during the month of October 2013. The sky was gray and the rain wouldn’t let up. Not letting rain hold him back, Mike decided to go on a bike ride and ended up getting lost. He was on a small bridge when he noticed the house in the distance. The bridge, like many other bridges in the area, had some pretty cool architectural elements. Through one of the decorative openings, he took his first photo. The second photo was from the top rail of the bridge.

If you look closely the first photo has a spider web in the opening. You can see and feel the windy rainy day and the rain drops in the water in the second photo.

Photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix AW100
Somewhere in Luxu 2 Somewhere in Luxu