Snowy Sunday

A lovely post from The Ravenously Disappearing Woman.
“I think the secret to life is as simple and pure as the snow gently drifting in my driveway”

The Ravenously Disappearing Woman 2.0

We’re under yet another winter storm warning, but I’m not complaining.  I think my husband and I need a day to relax. I’ve realized, since my weight loss, that I’ve become quite accustomed to my days being filled with a constant flurry (no pun intended towards the falling snow outside my window) of activities.

In fact, with my birthday being a month away, I was mentally comparing my life now to a year ago:

  • Nearly a year ago today, I was excited to be wearing a brand new pair of size 18, skinny, jeans to my birthday party.  This was a welcome change from the size 24 pants that I’d worn to my first weigh in at the bariatric center.
  • As only a  three-month veteran of my weight loss program, I cautiously approached every sip, or bite, of food that I ingested and monitored every calorie I burned at the gym.
  • My self-confidence was a newly burgeoning entity experiencing so much for the…

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Why Vaginal Steaming could be the Best Thing we’ll Try This Year. | elephant journal

Read the article ladies. Sometimes at the first sign of trouble we reach for chemical medications. Those are great at times; however, how about a more holistic approach of remedies?

Let me know what you think.

Why Vaginal Steaming could be the Best Thing we’ll Try This Year. | elephant journal.

Who You Are – A Message To All Women


I saw this on Facebook and went searching on YouTube for the video. It’s such a positive and encouraging video. Inspirational! I’ll be sharing this with my daughter’s and my girlfriends.