Taylor & Courtney’s Wedding

Seven short and wonderful years ago I met a young man wearing a red top hat, black cape, and black nail polish. His torn jeans, long hair, & crazy way of dress should have clued me in on what to expect. Ha! Only those of you who have musicians in the family understand what I’m trying to say. Oh our Taylor, I will cherish the memories of his younger years. The memories of the constant thumping on the walls from his music, listening while he played his latest tune only to wonder if it was even a song. After all screaming while strumming a base guitar as if the strings were meant to be ripped off didn’t seem like music to me.

On August 11th, Taylor married his high school sweetheart Courtney. The two have been inseparable since high school. The wedding in Indiana was lovely and now they are off on their honeymoon to Disney. Finishing college is a priority for Taylor and children are not being planned for the near future.

I felt so blessed to be a part of my son’s wedding. I felt even more proud of my son for including me the way that he did. As a blended family and being a step mother, there are many concessions that I’ve had to make. I love my children, all of them! Our family made it a conscious decision to not use the word, “step”, such as step mother, step brother, or step sister unless absolutely necessary or when further explanation is needed.

We congratulate our son on his nuptials and welcome Courtney to the family. One thing is for certain, it is one heck of a crazy and diverse family!

I did very little shooting at the wedding. The following are a few shots to share with those of you who didn’t make it. Enjoy! 

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