Travel Theme: Statues

I don’t think I’ve participated in the weekly Travel Theme: Statues hosted by Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack. However, I loved this week’s theme and decided to give it a try. I have many many photo’s from different statues I’ve been able to photograph. Here I list a few in hopes that you enjoy them as much as I did.

A Unique Baby Carrier

Quite a unique way of toting a child around. The child back-basket carriers appear to be pretty sturdy and environmentally friendly, a big plus!

This is a very busy part of town with none stop traffic. The carriers are a great alternative to having the children running around and trying to catch up to them. Enjoy!

While my friend was talking to this lady, or attempting to, I was trying to catch a clear picture of this little boy.

While my friend was talking to this lady, or attempting to, I was trying to catch a clear picture of this little boy.

This lady was only to happy to turn around and show me the little boy. Quiet little guy.

This lady was only to happy to turn around and show me the little boy. Quiet little guy.

I know, I know, he's wondering who the heck are those females. ha ha

I know, I know, he’s wondering who the heck are those females. ha ha

Public Telephone – Old Luxu, China

The evolution of our telephone system has evolved into some high-tech gadgets from the original rotary dial wall mounted phone. I believe land lines will soon become just as rare as the public telephone booths. Is the rarity only in the Western world? Hmm….

From time to time we see a telephone booth or a public telephone system of some sort in this area of China. While walking through my favorite part of town, “Old Luxu”, I saw the following public telephone system. The cost is 2 RMB, the equivalent of about .30 cents USD.


When I talk about Old Luxu, I mean the oldest part of town. This town is divided into three areas. The newest area, which I live in, the old part of town across the bridge, then the old old part of town which we refer to as Old Luxu. Buildings in these areas have not changed and not much modernization has been done to the buildings. Many of the buildings here have a dual purpose. The upstairs is the residential area and the downstairs is a small business of sorts. I love to patronize these local businesses as I know this is many of the local’s source of income. This is a great little area and one of my favorites to walk through. Enjoy!

DSC_0216These photo’s were taken with an iPhone 4s.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I kept wondering what photo’s I would add for this Weekly Photo Challenge. Early today I took a walk through the part of town we call Old Luxu and look what I found! The children are inside the back of a 3 wheeled motor vehicle.  While grandpa was making deliveries the children were kept out of street in the back of the vehicle. Think safety!

Photo’s were taken with an iPhone 4s.

IMG_2173 IMG_2175

Sex Sculptures in China – Part 2 of 3

Warning: In my last post I did not approve of several comments and deleted them. The reason for the photo’s is to share in the history of this country. Please refrain from making obscene comments, rude, or even judgmental comments. We may not understand or agree with everything we see; but, we must keep in mind that many don’t agree with our Western culture and history as well.

The following photo’s are more snap shots taken with the iPhone 4s during my visit to the sex museum. The museum has a few buildings scattered throughout the gardens. Some areas are clearly marked with, “no photo’s allowed”, and other areas were a free zone, well at least I think they were free zones as I didn’t see a sign.

Most of the photo’s are self-explanatory. Those photo’s like the marriage bed are beautiful and there appears to be a significance with color and birds relating to the bed. I’ll have to do more research, in the meantime, please enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

I really like the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week it’s Perspective. I like to dive into the archives to find something to use that I’ve not used before. I’ve been known to head out with my camera to try to find subjects that would fit the challenge. Love it!

I’ve not quite figured out which photo will come first in the viewer; however, I hope you see this one first. This photo was taken in 2012 during boarding on Spring Airlines heading to Hong Kong.

1AThe Spring Airline plane.

Hong Kong 001

These are 2 photo’s of the same subject. I was directly in front of the plane in the first photo I shared.

Why this trip is so memorable:

My wonderful husband at the time was clocking on the scale at 250 lbs, at 6’2 and 250, he towers a bit. I’m exactly 5’0, so for me he’s tall. So, on with my story, as we get on the plane I immediately notice the seat sizes and the close proximity of everything. I quickly glance towards my husband and notice the vein in his temple starting to bulge. Crap, this is not good I thought. Ut oh.. He sits down without saying a word, buckles up and says nothing. His legs are turned sideways a bit and his torso is facing forward. Hmm.. not very comfortable. After take off he spread his legs wide open in a straddling like position, straddling the front seat. His legs were too long. The seat spacing or lack of, was minimal.

I’m sure everything was standard size for the airline; however, flying with Delta, American Airlines, & Air Canada  has spoiled us with seat sizes, upgrades, & a bit more wiggle room. As for Mike, well, we’ve agreed to never use the same airline again. Thankfully the flight was pretty darn short flight at 2.5 hours. As I’m writing this brief note, I’m chuckling and looking over at my husband. I just asked him, “Remember when…”, he rolled his eyes.. Love that man of mine! Cheers everyone!



Sex Sculptures in China – Part 1 of 3

Nestled to the back and in an out of the way location in Tongli, there’s a great little garden featuring sex sculptures. There’s also an indoor museum, I’ll share photo’s of that in a later post. Amazingly, some of the sculptures, artifacts, and paintings date back to the 15th century. In this series of photo’s I’ll share some of the sculptures located around the gardens. Some are beautiful, some comical, & some down right hilarious. This is art folks, please don’t take it as anything else or take offense.

China Sex Museum

Isn’t it amazing what we can find in the most unexpected places? Who knew that in this remote little area of China we would find a sex genre gallery.

Have you ever found a gallery, location, or something that is so unexpected it takes you by surprise?